Why is the alternator faulty?

Although many drivers do not usually have it in mind, the alternator is one of the most important elements of the vehicle. It is responsible for transforming mechanical energy into electrical energy through an alternating current thanks to the rotation of the motor and also storing this energy in the battery.  

An alternator can break down for a number of reasons, one of which is overuse of air conditioning, heating, and large improperly installed stereos. Other reasons are fuel, coolant, or lubricant leaks.

If we don’t have your alternator, we repair it. The price is 150 euros and we put a section of cable thicker than the original so it is much more difficult for you to break down. We give a 1 year warranty on the repair of your alternator.

If the alternator is completely damaged,  the vehicle will consume the energy that is left in the battery and then there will be no more energy even to start the car.

The lifespan of an alternator depends on its use.  For example, if you leave the lights on with the engine off, install poor quality batteries or equipment, or circulate in places with a lot of sand and dust, the life of this component will be shortened. Manufacturers recommend changing it every 200 thousand kilometers.

Each alternator has different parts that can also break down individually. Among the most common are the brushes, the rotor, the voltage regulator and the rectifier bridge. Therefore, if it breaks down, only one part or the entire alternator can be replaced.

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