For that of traveling with peace of mind it is always advisable to carry at least a  copy of the motorcycle keys . Making a duplicate is not as expensive as is often thought, especially if you go to a store like us. And it is that, although almost nobody knows it, 98% of the keys are duplicable there is only you have to ask us.

Did you know that if you have two sets of keys you will sell your motorcycle better?

We are going to clear doubts little by little …

How to make a duplicate of your motorcycle key?

When we talk about  duplicating keys , it assumes that you have to have one to copy. That is, if you have lost the original game and do not have another, you will need to go to the official store of your motorcycle brand and pay between 150 and 250 euros . Another solution is to change the cylinder, switchboard and locks such as the deposit and the tail on your own.

If, on the other hand, you have an original set that serves as a base, you do not need to go to the dealer as the vast majority of current keys can be duplicated.

Rajomotor copies almost any motorcycle key, both bringing the original and a copy. Depending on the motorcycle model, it will be necessary to check with the motorcycle on site. Ask us without obligation.

Where to duplicate the key of your motorcycle?

If you don’t want to go around too much, through our website rajomotor.com you can ask us, if you are from Madrid we will copy the keys instantly, engraved with a sword and clone a chip. If you are not from Madrid you also have the possibility to send it to us and in a couple of days you will have your original key and the new duplicate key.

How much does the duplicate cost?

Not all hardware stores or specialized stores have the possibility of making a duplicate of a motorcycle key , and less if you do not have the master key, the red key in general.

Most stores can make the key copy without the chip. You will need to know if your motorcycle model and year has a chip. In general, motorcycles from 2004 onwards of a certain displacement carry a chip. Currently, 98% of the keys on the market can be duplicated ”.

key motorcycle

At Rajomotor we create a duplicate key for 50 euros, ready to use. That means that the blank key, the engraving of the sprat, the specific chip for your motorcycle model and year, and the chip engraving enter. As we mentioned, even if you don’t have the red key.

Think that if you lose all the keys and you have to resort to an intervention machine to make a new one, the price can be up to five times higher. Seen like this and with the calculator in hand, the most profitable thing is to duplicate your key and heal you in health for what may happen, don’t you think?

What are you waiting for? Make a duplicate of your key