“My motorcycle does not charge …”, “How do I repair the rotor …”, “How much does it cost to repair the magnetic flywheel …”

Don’t tell me, are your Yamaha rotor magnets gone? Don’t worry, you are not the first, nor will you be the last. Below we will tell you all about this typical breakdown of some Yamaha and other brands.

If you are a user of a Yamaha YZF R1 from 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008, a FZ1 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010, FZ6 2009 2010 or an FZ8 Facer you will have heard of this typical breakdown, if not you have already suffered it.

rotor yamaha r1 fz1 broken magnets

It all goes back to those years, when Yamaha to save a little money wanted not to include the typical metal band that covers the magnets so that they do not come off (like their previous and next R1 model), that together with the questionable quality of the adhesive glue you used. Yamaha recognized his blunder and launched a replacement campaign for several years. But how horny, the first campaign they replaced it with another like it. It was not until a second version that was released, called “reinforced” that they already began to solve this typical problem.

Did you know that if you have the stock rotor sooner rather than later the magnets will come off and it may also break the alternator and have to open the crankcase to collect all the magnets?

We are going to clear doubts little by little …

Why are the magnets on the rotor of my Yamaha detached?

The first thing you will have noticed if you have suffered this breakdown is:

1º A continuous rubbing sound

2º A fault in the control panel

3rd The battery does not charge

The breakdown, as we mentioned, is mainly due to the quality of the adhesive component that Yamaha used, together with the high temperatures of the enormous engine of the FZ1 and R1 over the years and kilometers (let’s not talk about circuits because but…). To avoid as much as possible this problem would be the good cooling of the alternator and rotor, which means, use a good oil, monitor the level and above all not to do more km than it touches.

Another reason for this typical breakage of magnets is due to the bearings. The rotor is supported by two bearings that serve as centering devices. It is very important that you check them and see if they rotate perfectly and smoothly, that they are not seized or turn stumbling. Dirty oil can cause debris to deposit on these bearings and not match perfectly. If this happens, the bearings will stop correctly centering the rotor and will create oscillations, enough so that at the speed that the rotor rotates it rubs against the alternator magnets and boom!

How and where to repair your rotor?

If you do not want to give too many laps, through our website rajomotor.com you can ask us. If you are from Madrid you can bring it to us or if you are from abroad you must send us the rotor. If you want you can also send us the alternator and we will check if it has finally been saved and no magnet has cut any section of the cable (free). We usually take 4 days or so since we depend on the turner. The turning is carried out, some more powerful magnets are glued with our special adhesive that guarantees total firmness and will not come off any more, and once it is repaired we will send you a photo or video so that you can make the payment once it is finished. Oh and the return shipment is made by us, express !!

If you have opened the cover of the alternator and a washer or rubber has fallen into the crankcase of the motorcycle, you have to open the crankcase to recover the part. Although it is advisable to open it if or if to clean well of the destroyed magnets, so that they do not clog the filters and the fuel pump pre-filter.

We have carter gaskets, alternator cover gasket and rotor bearings in case you need, contact us.

How much does a Yamaha R1 FZ1 FZ8 rotor repair cost?

We have several options:

The usual thing is that you send us yours, and in 4 days or so it is finished. The repair of the rotor would cost € 199 and we put the shipment back, via express mail.

If your rotor is not broken and you simply want to reinforce it to avoid this typical breakdown, you would simply have to send us the rotor and for 150 euros your rotor will be reinforced and with a guarantee.

The third option is, if you are in a great hurry, we can send you another repaired via express and when you can send us yours. You would pay 250 euros and when we receive yours (it must be in good condition) we will pay you 20 euros. Let’s say that the repair would have cost you 230 euros but you would have it the next day. If you have more questions you can call us or write to us. We have carter gaskets, alternator cover gasket and rotor bearings, contact us.

rotor YAMAHA r1

For that of traveling with tranquility it is always advisable to know if we carry a time bomb under our legs. Knowing if the rotor is standard or reinforced is not too much and above all prevent breakdown, labor, that the magnets section the alternator cable and also change the alternator and avoid the pain of having to open the crankcase (the bottom cover where the oil falls when it is stopped) to clean the entire crankcase of magnets and that does not obstruct the oil pump (if the oil does not circulate well through the engine you already know what can happen). Preventing this breakdown is not as expensive as repairing it, especially if you go to a store like us. And it is that, although almost nobody knows it, 72% of the failures of these models are always due to the rotor,you just have to ask us.

What are you waiting for? Strengthen your rotor to avoid this typical Yamaha breakdown