Do you still not know what the DBKiller is? Did you know that if you are not wearing it, the Civil Guard can fine you 200 euros? Do you know, too, that you can’t pass ITV without it? Virtually all brands of exhausts sold today include the famous dbkiller, pacifier, or removable plug.

A piece whose function is to restrict the exit of gases, compressing them inside the silencer or collectors, to limit noise and to be able to comply with the sound regulations. Avoiding, on the one hand, disturbing others too much, on the other, that authority rewards us for going as it should not and allowing us to be deserving of the corresponding sticker when our motorcycle, scooter or quad passes the ITV favorably.

This is sometimes not just one piece, it can be composed of a primary dbkiller at the intake of the silencer, sometimes in the shape of a perforated tube:

what is dbkiller and where to buy cheap